Interested in exploring the world of science?

Energy Alliance - for kids!
Digestive System
Central Nervous System
Musculoskeletal System
Respiratory System
Endocrine System
Circulatory System
Effects of alcohol on the CNS

Ecosystems Learn about what an ecosystem is and the main types found on Earth
BIOMES of the Earth Learn about all of the biomes that are found on the Earth!!!
7 Biomes -- Fact Monster Website sharing the different features of 7 of Earth's biormes
World Map -- See where on Earth your biome is found!
KBears -- Learn about the world climates, environments, and about specific countries
Kids do Biomes
Discovery Channel Play games, watch video clips, and learn about everything our world has to offer!
Erosion -- Geography for kids - learn about the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and biosphere...and see panoramas of different biomes.
The World's Biomes
Blue Planet Biomes

Video- Biomes of Our Earth
Video - 25 Strangest Geological Formations...pretty cool!

SCHOOL HOUSE ROCKS VIDEOS - learn about science with fun, cartoon songs!
A Victim Of Gravity Debuted in 1978. This song teaches about the universal law of gravity.
**Inter-planet Janet** Debuted in 1978.This song teaches about our solar system. Like the later Computer Rock series, Inter-planet Janet has since become outdated, due to Pluto being included as a planet, though it was placed in the song in a way that allows it to easily be edited out of the song without any inconsistencies. (Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006, long after the series left television.)
The Body Machine Debuted in 1979.This song teaches about our bodies needs.
Do The Circulation Debuted in 1979.This song teaches about our bodies circulatory system.
The Energy Blues Debuted in 1978.This song teaches about energy conservation.
Them Not So Dry Bones Debuted in 1979. This song teaches about the human skeleton.
Electricity, Electricity Debuted in 1979. This song teaches about the use of electricity.
Telegraph Line Debuted in 1979. This song teaches about our nervous system.
The Weather Show Debuted in 1978. IThis song teaches about weather.

PHOTOSYNTHESIS -- Learn about the process of Photosynthesis by watching YouTube videos from this link!
The Great Plant Escape -- Help Detective Leplant and his partners, Bud and Sprout, unlock the amazing mysteries of plant life!

FOSS M & S Website -- Play a game to help understand concepts, listen to stories, watch videos, and go to other websites to help your learning!
YouTub Movies:
5th Grader explains mixtures
Two students explain difference between Mixtures & Solutions
Bill Nye the Science Guy-- Chemical Reaction video