Use the following websites to get images for your presentations
Use only images that have permission granted to use.
Use Flicker Storm and Pics4Learning and Wiki Commons Wiki Commons CC – Creative License Site

Time Line http://www.readwritethink.org/materials/timeline/index.html

Keyboarding Sites - Increase your speed to 25 - 30 wpm. How fast can you go?

  • Kebr.com- type at the speed of thought
  • Practice Passage- your provide the passage to type. Keeps track of wpm as you type
  • Foggies- Type the words and listen to music - great practice in speed increasing
  • PowerTyping- Select your lessons and practice to music to gain speed and rythymn
  • Falling Words- Like Tetris... type the words before the wall is built
  • Keyboard Challenge- Can you match the keys to the keyboard... without looking?

COMMUNITY WALK - Mapping Our Learning
Go to: Endangered Animals of the WORLD Locate the area, ecosystem, and place a marker. Add description and picture.
Logon: mrsh Password: bulldog

Be careful when using the World Wide Web to research...some material may not be factual! Check out this hoax EXPLORER site!